Workforce Demographics

Workforce demographic values are based on headcount using a yearly fall census file. A census file is a snapshot of data at a point in time that will not be updated with changing demographics. Census files ensure reliability (historical reports can be replicated), comparability (especially with other institutions' counts), and produce meaningful trends over time.

  • Employee Classifications
    • Administrators include president, provost, deans, vice presidents/provosts, chief information officers and all assistant/associate level presidents, provosts and deans, as well as select director titles.
    • Other Appointed includes continuing track professionals, directors, postdocs, clinical assistants, and other academic and service professionals.
  • IPEDS Race/Ethnicity*
    • Data may be broken out by IPEDS race/ethnicity, which is a reporting construct developed by the Department of Education that allows for easy comparison with other institutions of higher education. More information is available here.
      • IPEDS race/ethnicity is a self-identified value captured in the UAccess Employee system.
      • In this workbook, the official IPEDS race/ethnicity reporting category of ‘non-resident alien’ has been re-categorized as ‘International’ and ‘unknown’ has been re-categorized as ‘not reported’.