UAIR provides a number of educational opportunities to help you make the most out of UAccess Analytics and other data resources. From interactive training modules to dashboard tours, this page is the place to go to learn about UAccess Analytics and more.

UAccess Analytics Training

Learn the basics of UAccess Analytics in interactive, easy to follow training modules hosted in EDGE Learning. 

Dashboard Overviews

Check out UAIR's playlist to help get started with our newest dashboards. 

UAccess Analytics Training Resources By Topic

Below is an a-la-carte list of educational resources. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us.

Scrolling Data or Paginated Data PDF VIDEO (6:14)
Using XML Coding                                                          PDF VIDEO (6:00)
Setting Print Options PDF VIDEO (6:48)
Sorting Data  PDF VIDEO (6:33)
Using Column Search and Table Sort Order PDF VIDEO (3:59)
Adding Graphs PDF VIDEO (3:46)
Working with Dashboards PDF VIDEO
Shared Reports at a Glance                                                 PDF VIDEO (32:41)
Using the Analyze Link  PDF VIDEO (14:21)
Creating Pages and Subpages  PDF VIDEO (5:55)
Creating a Dashboard Prompt  PDF VIDEO (28:59)
Right-Click Menus  PDF VIDEO (14:00)
Using Selection Steps PDF VIDEO (13:24)
Request a College or Department Dashboard                  PDF VIDEO (9:27)
Managing Department Dashboard Access PDF VIDEO (7:37)
Working With Agents PDF VIDEO
Delivering Data to Your Desktop                                         PDF VIDEO (20:52)
Troubleshooting Working With Agents PDF VIDEO (12:12)
Using the Agents Dashboard PDF -
UAIR Policy on Dynamic Agents                                     PDF -
Next Steps (Intermediate) PDF VIDEO
Working with Pivot Tables PDF -
Using Variables PDF VIDEO (8:47)
Using an Analysis as a Filter for a Second Analysis    PDF -
Creating Presentation Variables PDF -
Creating Action Links PDF -
Working with Bins, Groups, and Calculated Items PDF -
Constructing and Deconstructing View Selectors PDF -
Analytics Metadata Wiki PDF -
Creating Page Breaks for PDF Output PDF -
Adding Images to Dashboards PDF -
Exporting Data to Excel & Using Macros to Format PDF -
Creating Report Selectors PDF -
Designing Effective Graphs PDF -
Other Resources PDF VIDEO
Computer Basics: Clearing Browser Cache                 PDF VIDEO (4:37)
Creating Secondary Passwords PDF VIDEO (4:33)
Accessing EDW Using AWS Workspace PDF -
UAccess Analytics Classroom Resources PDF VIDEO
UAccess Analytics: Basic Reports & Dashboards (Handout) PDF -
UAccess Analytics: Intermediate Reports & Dashboards (Handout) PDF -