Retention and Graduation

The University of Arizona calculates official retention & graduation rates with first-time, full-time students in the fall cohort, as defined by IPEDS.  The student must be enrolled on the 21st day of the subsequent fall semester to be counted as retained in the census file. Census files ensure reliability (historical reports can be replicated) and comparability (especially with other institutions' counts), and produce meaningful trends over time.


1-Year Retention Rate
(Fall 2017 Entry Cohort)


4-Year Graduation Rate
(Fall 2014 Entry Cohort)


6-Year Graduation Rate
(Fall 2012 Entry Cohort)

  • The University of Arizona counts every degree awarded to every student. For instance, a student earning a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science Degree in the same time period will be counted twice.
  • Graduation rate cycles include every degree awarded prior to fall census date of the following year.  The rates are cumulative, for example—the graduation rate for year 6 includes all degrees earned in years 1-6.