About Us

University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR) is a division of the Office of the CIO and the facilitator of the university's Enterprise Data Warehouse. We empower University of Arizona decision makers to leverage data, information, and analytics in order to inform policies and practices to benefit students and institutions on campus.

We oversee and maintain systems and services that support transactions, operational, and strategic goals of the University of Arizona. Through collaboration with stakeholders and data stewards, we facilitate access to high-quality data sets while developing and refining research questions using responsible practices in business intelligence and data science. We also serve to interpret data and analysis results for appropriate use, facilitate educational opportunities to enhance data literacy on campus, and provide for the accreditation and licensing data needs of the university.

Our staff includes data analysts, scientists, engineers, developers, and customer support specialists dedicated to developing and implementing best practices in data warehousing for the University of Arizona.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to provide data that empowers campus decision-makers, informs policy and practice, and tells the Arizona story.

Our vision is to enhance the university's strategic goals through data tools and analytic services built on accuracy, dependability, and system improvements.

Our values are rooted in ethical data practices which recognize the impact and consequences of data and algorithms on policy decisions. We respect the rights of the individuals whose data is housed in our systems. We are intent on protecting privacy and maintaining confidentiality when collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information.

Guiding Principles

We believe everyone’s voice should be heard. We respect diverse opinions, constructive feedback, and the right to privacy of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

We believe everyone should be empowered to make data-informed decisions. We are committed to distributing accessible and contextualized data. We strive to cultivate a data literate community.

We believe it is crucial to be aware of our own biases. We are responsible for maintaining fairness and inclusivity, and we strive to provide objective and unbiased data.

We believe in being open, honest, and transparent about our data practices. We recognize and acknowledge that we may not have data that answers every question. We proactively seek guidance from members of our community to support our understanding of the data we work with.

We believe the data solutions we provide to campus must be relevant, accurate, and timely. We take steps to ensure quality data and analysis are present in all of our work.


Service LINKS  
UAccess Analytics Authorized users create data analyses through dashboards and subject areas.
Interactive Fact Book Easy-to-use public platform for displaying high-level university data.
External Reporting Federally-mandated higher education data surveys for ABOR, IPEDS, and others.
Training PDF tutorials, video trainings, UAIR's curriculum in EDGE Learning.
Data Literacy  Presentations to support data literacy and reporting resources.
Enterprise Data Warehouse Information and external access request resources for the Enterprise Data Warehouse.
Data Request Form Submit a request for specific types of data through our website.


Administrative Data

Maintains business intelligence tools for campus professionals, focusing on data areas of finance, budget & planning, workforce, and more...

Customer Experience & Support

Ensures campus is familiar with UAIR as an organization as well as the resources to take full advantage UAIR services and training...

Data Engineering

Facilitates and oversees movement of data from UAccess Systems and others into the Enterprise Data Warehouse...

External Reporting

Responsible for external data submissions to federal and state agencies, higher education organizations, and media publishers...

Student Data

Produces and maintains reports and dashboards focusing on student data in the areas of admissions, enrollment, outcomes and more...

Systems Architecture & Security

Manages the availability and security of UAccess Analytics, the Enterprise Data Warehouse, and dozens of other databases and systems...