UAIR Starter Pack: The Beginner's Guide to Institutional Data

UAIR Starter Pack

Are you ready to start working with institutional data? The UAIR Starter Pack will help you request access, learn the ins and outs of UAccess Analytics and other UAIR offerings, and create your own reports, visualizations, dashboards, and more.

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Enjoy interactive courses that will teach you the basics of UAccess Analytics and get you up to speed.


Discover the data that's out there, as well as the resources to broaden your data literacy.


Create your own reports and dashboards to find exactly what you're looking for. 

Get provisioned now!

If you have a business need, submit an Access Flow request today to start your Arizona data journey.


Once you're provisioned, start with our interactive UAccess Training in EDGE Learning, our dashboard focused video playlist, and a wealth of legacy training material. 


Increase your data literacy with optional trainings, browse our catalog of Data Exploration Series, and learn about the data at your fingertips.


Once you're familiar with the data that's out there, it's time to build your own data-informed work. Make use of UAIR designed templates and learn the basics of effective visualizations and dashboards.

Need some help?

UAIR Office Hours

Sign up for a one-on-one session with a UAIR Data Analyst to answer your data questions.

UAccess Analytics Forum

Share ideas and information about navigating and using shared dashboards. Discuss custom analyses, filters, prompts, and anything else Analytics-related that might be on your mind.