Welcome to the University of Arizona's Interactive Fact Book

Serving as an important historical document for our institution, the University of Arizona Interactive Fact Book provides a comprehensive and focused snapshot of data for the institution's core reporting areas, including Student, Employee, Finance, and Research.
 University Analytics & Institutional Research has mined, validated, presented, and published the Interactive Fact Book data in a dynamic format that allows users to filter aggregate totals based on their specific population(s) of interest while fulfilling an overall mission to:

  • Uphold the value of data transparency for constituents across our local, state, national, and global communities
  • Support departments and colleges with their reporting requirements
  • Inform decision-making across campus
  • Ensure the highest level of data integrity and comprehension


Admissions Pipeline

Student Admissions Pipeline Workbook Screenshot

Fall admissions data is available for first-year undergraduates, new undergraduate transfers, and new graduate students. Data can be filtered by residency. 

Admissions Pipeline Workbook

New Student Admission Scores

New Student Admission Scores Workbook Screenshot

Scores listed in the report are an average among undergraduate students in the incoming first-year full-time fall cohort.

New Student Admission Scores Workbook


Student Enrollment Highlights Workbook Screenshot

Student fall enrollment data is available based on career level (undergraduate and graduate) and new student status (incoming first-year undergraduate and new undergraduate transfer). 

Enrollment Workbook

Full-Time Equivalent Enrollment

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Enrollment Workbook Screenshot

ABOR Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) is calculated based on students' enrolled coursework as of the 21st day census reported to IPEDS and ABOR.

Full-Time Equivalent Enrollment Workbook

New Undergraduate Transfers

Student Transfer Institution Workbook Screenshot

New Undergraduate Transfer data is available by transfer institution and transfer institution type. 

New Undergraduate Transfers Workbook

Retention and Graduation

Student Retention and Graduation Workbook Screenshot

Retention and graduation rates by entry cohort for first-time full-time undergraduates and new full-time undergraduate transfers. Data can be filtered by sex, IPEDS race/ethnicity, and residency.

Retention and Graduation Workbook

Degrees and Majors Awarded

Student Degrees and Majors Awarded Workbook Screenshot

Degrees are available by fiscal year, award level, sex, and IPEDS race/ethnicity. Majors awarded are available by fiscal year, award level, and CIP code.


Degrees and Majors Workbook

Tuition and Mandatory Fees

Student Tuition and Fees Workbook Screenshot

Tuition and Mandatory Fees are available by academic year and residency for full-time undergraduate students enrolled at the main campus.

Tuition and Mandatory Fees Workbook

Honors College

Fall 2020 Honors College Profile Workbook Screenshot

This report contains the counts for the Honors College enrollment based on the fall census.

Honors College Workbook

College of Medicine

Student College of Medicine Workbook Screenshot

College of Medicine data includes the number of applications and the number of applicants that were considered, selected, and matriculated.

College of Medicine Workbook

Faculty and Staff

Workforce Demographics

Workforce demographics include sex and IPEDS race/ethnicity for all university faculty and staff; captured on the fall census snapshot.

Workforce Demographics Workbook

Faculty Demographics

Faculty Demographics Workbook Screenshot

Demographics include sex and IPEDS race/ethnicity for all university faculty broken out by faculty classification and full-time/part-time status; captured on the fall census snapshot.

Faculty Demographics Workbook

Faculty Tenure

Faculty Tenure Workbook Screenshot

Headcount of faculty broken out by tenure track status and faculty classification. Data can be viewed by college, full-time/part-time status, sex, and IPEDS race/ethnicity.

Faculty Tenure Workbook


Revenue & Expenditures

Financial Services Office Workbook Preview

Finance data includes total revenue, total expenditures, increase in net position and personnel/benefit expenditures.

Revenue & Expenditures Workbook


Budget Workbook Preview

Budget data includes State General Fund, Non-Appropriated Local Funds, and State Appropriated Funds.

Budget Workbook


Sponsored Awards & Proposals

Research Sponsored Awards and Proposals Workbook Screenshot

Sponsored Award and Proposal counts by award, activity, and sponsor type, multidisciplinary involvement, and fiscal year. 

Sponsored Awards & Proposals Workbook

Research and Development Expenditures

R and D Expenditures Report Preview

Research and Development (R&D) Expenditures and Source of Funds data from the Higher Education Research and Development Survey. 

R&D Expenditures Workbook