'Interactive Fact Book' leverages the user-friendly and intuitive nature of Tableau to create interactive workbooks that focus on student, staff, faculty and finance data. By the time UAIR is ready to publish the 2019-2020 Fact Book, all of the data will be presented in this interactive format.

Until then, the 2017-2018 Fact Book is still available along with all archived copies dating back to 2002.


Enrollment Trends

Student enrollment data is available based on career level and new student status. Data is also available specifically for transfer and international students.

Enrollment Trends Workbook

Retention and Graduation

Retention and Graduation Rates Report Preview

Retention and graduation rates are available starting with the fall 2006 entry cohort. Data can be filtered by gender, ethnicity, minority status, origin and honors status.

Retention and Graduation Workbook

Faculty and Staff

Workforce Demographics

University Wide Demographics Report Preview

Workforce demographics include gender and ethnicity for all university faculty and staff; captured on the fall census snapshot.

Workforce Demographics Workbook

Faculty Demographics

Faculty Demographics Report Preview

Demographics include gender and ethnicity for all university faculty broken out faculty classification and full-time/part-time status; captured on the fall census snapshot.

Faculty Demographics Workbook

Faculty Tenure

Tenure-Track Report Preview

Headcount of faculty broken out by tenure track status and faculty classification. Data can be filtered by college, full-time/part-time status, gender and minority status.

Faculty Tenure Workbook


Revenue & Expenditures

Financial Services Office Workbook Preview

Finance data includes total revenue, total expenditures, increase in net position and personnel/benefit expenditures.

Revenue & Expenditures Workbook