Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

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Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Management practices are consistently executed to ensure data is curated through reporting and analytic tools that provide customers with actionable information and data worth leveraging. There are three different types of BI tools managed by UAIR that provide the campus community with data access. UAccess Analytics (Oracle Analytic Server) is the most comprehensive tool offered and used by most of our customers to run queries for various data needs. Tableau Server hosts many of our public-facing, Interactive Fact Book data dashboards and provides customers with simplified (and often summary-level) views of the university’s Enterprise data. SQL Query tools, our last BI offering, allows our more advanced users to run queries and combine data in more unpredictable and enlightening ways. The bulk of data maintained by UAIR are drawn from Enterprise systems that use both structured and less structured databases, with the more structured systems catering to the extraction, transformation, and loading of data, and the less structured systems resulting in Data Lake storage.

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