Data Quality

Oasis puzzle piece with bullet points describing Data Quality to the right of it

Data Quality refers to the accuracy, integrity, and availability of information used in data-driven decision-making. It involves assessing and improving various aspects of data, which is essential for ensuring that the metrics being used are trustworthy and representative of the individuals or the institutions they are reflecting. For this to be the case, data collected and stored about an organization must meet data standards—the data must be genuine, relevant, and must be accessed and analyzed for its intended use. Ensuring the accuracy, integrity, and availability of university data is a core principle for the UAIR team. Data Quality is ensured through UAIR’s current quality assessment (QA) and quality control (QC) processes which are ever-evolving components of our Data Quality System. In addition to the quality systems in place, UAIR and campus partners have worked together to establish standards that guide how institutional metrics are captured and distributed at UArizona.

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