Training and Resources

UAIR provides a number of educational opportunities to help you make the most out of UAccess Analytics and other data resources. From office hours and in-person workshops to small class settings and online videos, our goal is to help you make data-informed decisions.

Data Literacy Presentations and Resources

Data Exploration Guide: Focus on Fiscal Year End June 8, 2020 PDF -
Data Exploration Series | Focus on Student Data June 11, 2020 PDF VIDEO
Data Exploration Series | Focus on Employee Data Aug. 13, 2020


Data Exploration Series | Focus on Student Counts and Census Data Oct. 15, 2020 PDF


Data Exploration Series | Focus on Arizona Profiles - Administrative Data Feb. 25, 2021 PDF VIDEO
Data Exploration Series | Focus on Arizona Profiles - Student Data March 25, 2021 PDF VIDEO
Data Exploration Series | Focus on Fiscal Year Rollover May 20, 2021 PDF VIDEO
Race/Ethnicity Reporting FAQ


UAccess Analytics Training Resources By Topic

Below is an a-la-carte list of educational resources. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us.

Scrolling Data or Paginated Data PDF VIDEO (6:14)
Using XML Coding                                                          PDF VIDEO (6:00)
Setting Print Options PDF VIDEO (6:48)
Sorting Data  PDF VIDEO (6:33)
Using Column Search and Table Sort Order PDF VIDEO (3:59)
Adding Graphs PDF VIDEO (3:46)
Working with Dashboards PDF VIDEO
Shared Reports at a Glance                                                 PDF VIDEO (32:41)
Using the Analyze Link  PDF VIDEO (14:21)
Creating Pages and Subpages  PDF VIDEO (5:55)
Creating a Dashboard Prompt  PDF VIDEO (28:59)
Right-Click Menus  PDF VIDEO (14:00)
Using Selection Steps PDF VIDEO (13:24)
Request a College or Department Dashboard                  PDF VIDEO (9:27)
Managing Department Dashboard Access PDF VIDEO (7:37)
Working With Agents PDF VIDEO
Delivering Data to Your Desktop                                         PDF VIDEO (20:52)
Troubleshooting Working With Agents PDF VIDEO (12:12)
Using the Agents Dashboard PDF -
UAIR Policy on Dynamic Agents                                     PDF -
Next Steps (Intermediate) PDF VIDEO
Working with Pivot Tables PDF -
Using Variables PDF VIDEO (8:47)
Using an Analysis as a Filter for a Second Analysis PDF -
Creating Presentation Variables PDF -
Creating Action Links PDF -
Working with Bins, Groups, and Calculated Items PDF -
Constructing and Deconstructing View Selectors PDF -
Analytics Metadata Wiki PDF -
Creating Page Breaks for PDF Output PDF -
Adding Images to Dashboards PDF -
Exporting Data to Excel & Using Macros to Format PDF -
Creating Report Selectors PDF -
Designing Effective Graphs PDF -
Mashing Your Data into Analytics PDF -
Other Resources PDF VIDEO
Computer Basics: Clearing Browser Cache PDF VIDEO (4:37)
Creating Secondary Passwords PDF VIDEO (4:33)
Accessing EDW Using AWS Workspace PDF -
UAccess Community: Recommended Email Settings PDF -
UAccess Analytics Classroom Resources PDF VIDEO
UAccess Analytics: Basic Reports and Dashboards (in-class handout) PDF -
UAccess Analytics: Intermediate Reports and Dashboards (in-class handout) PDF -