Mark Ray

Architect, Academic Data

In July 2021, Mark was appointed as UAIR’s Architect of Academic Data. He focuses on expanding the availability, accuracy, integration, and accessibility of student data across campus to further initiatives related to decision making, program evaluation, and most importantly, student success.

During Mark’s tenure with UAIR, he has played a key role in developing and expanding the student reporting available to campus. This includes a significant increase in the volume of information available in both preconfigured reporting data sets and structured data models and making these data sets accessible to users of all skill levels. He regularly consults with units across campus to facilitate compatible data capture and process adjustments to improve efficiency and ease of integration. He has led or been heavily involved with all aspects of the revised and expanded availability of snapshot data and integration of university facing reporting structures with external facing reporting structures to create a unified reporting ecosystem.

Mark holds a Master of Science in Management Information Systems, Graduate Certificates in Business Intelligence and Analytics and Enterprise Information Security from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Information Technology from Arizona State University. Mark has been with UArizona for 6 years.

Student Data Team