Eddie Caratachea

Assistant Director, Administrative Reporting and Analytics

As UAIR’s Assistant Director, Administrative Reporting and Analytics, Eddie leads the Administrative Data Team. He is currently spearheading the data integration related to the Conflict of Interest (Huron) implementation and Research (Kuali) upgrades in addition to supporting the university’s ongoing Financial Modernization efforts. On the reporting side he is leading the effort to modernize the Administrative Data dashboards by employing standards set by the UAIR Design System and incorporating data visualizations that will allow customers to better engage with the data and gain insights more quickly.

Prior to his appointment in July 2021, Eddie held the roles of Program Manager and BI Developer within UAIR. He also held multiple Business Officer roles in various units across campus, with over nine years at UArizona. He has a BS in Business Administration (Economics) and a Master’s in Business Administration.

Administrative Data Team