Doug Hester

Architect, Business Intelligence

Doug Hester serves as the UAIR Business Intelligence Architect and leads the Systems Architecture & Security team. As BI Architect, Doug is primarily responsible for ensuring UAIR’s compliance with information security policies and best practices. The UAIR Systems Architecture & Security team builds and maintains the University of Arizona enterprise data warehouse, UAccess Analytics, Tableau Server, the UAIR file server, and additional systems that support safe transfer of data on and off campus. Doug is a hands-on leader, spending a significant amount of time investigating and developing improved solutions for data warehousing, system security, and business intelligence.

Doug has worked in IT at the University of Arizona since 1997, not including his time as a student worker or while earning a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering. He has presented on data warehousing and business intelligence topics at national conferences, directly to CIOs from other universities, and has occasionally consulted for other higher education business intelligence and institutional research departments. Doug has spent his time since 2008 as the technical lead supporting the university's central Oracle Business Intelligence system and, starting in 2015, the UAIR BI Architect.

Systems Architecture & Security Team