UAIR, Financial Services, and Human Resources Teamed Up for the Latest Data Exploration Series

April 28, 2023

The teams showed learners how to use UAccess Analytics tools to prepare for Fiscal Year-End.

Banner image for Data Exploration Series.

On April 26th, 170 viewers from all over campus attended the latest Data Exploration Series, which focused on Fiscal Year-End Data. UAIR, Financial Services, and Human Resources teamed up to take attendees through an overview of Fiscal Year-End, key dates, and essential UAccess Analytics reports to navigate the process. The hour-long presentation delved into tools such as the Account Reconciliation Report, P Card Action Items, Business Officer Central, and more. These tools, along with fantastic resources from Financial Services and HR, will have you ready for Fiscal Year-End in no time. 


You can find additional Data Exploration Series on the UAIR Data Literacy website. Stay tuned to the UAIR Newsletter for the latest Data Literacy announcements!