Ravneet Chadha & UAIR Featured in Lo Que Pasa

May 17, 2023

"How the office that serves as the 'one source of truth' can help tell your unit's story"

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This May, University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR) along with our Associate Vice President and Chief Data Officer (CDO), Ravneet Chadha, were featured in a profile story for University Communication’s Lo Que Pasa publication. The story covers many facets of the data culture here on campus, along with data management practices and services Chadha has worked to establish during his time as CDO.  

The biggest success story for me is that, in the past two years, I've had almost 10 schools reach out to try and copy our model, in terms of how we work, our Interactive Fact Book and our work within and outside the institution. That's the best acknowledgement that we're doing something right. – Ravneet Chadha, Associate Vice President and Chief Data Officer

Those interested in understanding the University of Arizona's institutional culture and values might find what they're looking for in a warehouse.

But not an actual, physical warehouse.

The Enterprise Data Warehouse, managed by University Analytics and Institutional Research, is a vast database of information about the University's demographics, enrollment, research, financials and more. It's essentially a digital collection of numbers about the University that live on secure servers, and it grows every day.

But to Ravneet Chadha, those numbers stored in the Enterprise Data Warehouse could be key ingredients in any number of compelling stories that could be told about the University.

Chadha is the University's chief data officer and the associate vice president for UAIR. He's positioned his team of more than 50 analysts, data scientists and support staff as not only the source for institutional data, but also the go-to resource where colleagues can learn what that data says about the University, and how they can use it to advance their units' missions.

'That's my biggest goal. I want to get to a point where people are not thinking about data as a need or a check box,' Chadha said. 'They're looking at it to learn more about the place where they work or go to school.'

You can read the full story on the Lo Que Pasa website here


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