NEW UAccess Analytics Training

Aug. 19, 2022

Two new training modules kick off a retooled UAccess Analytics training system.

Learner accesses new training content.

UAIR is proud to release the first two training modules in our new UAccess Analytics training system. These trainings will replace our current PDF materials and previously offered in-person classes as the primary way to onboard campus workers new to UAccess Analytics or those looking to refresh their skills. The modules were designed with user-experience and interactivity in mind and they are now available in EDGE Learning. Go check them out!

The first two modules are:

UAccess Analytics 1: Introduction teaches learners about UAIR’s mission, our roles in data governance, and the basics of navigating UAccess Analytics.

UAccess Analytics 2: Dashboards and Customization builds on the foundation by demonstrating how data is organized, where to find useful dashboards, how to adjust them to sort your needs, and how to share your findings.

UArizona employees provisioned for UAccess Analytics can access these modules individually or enroll in a curriculum that groups them together. Expect to see additional modules launch in the near future to build out the UAccess Analytics skillset. We hope this resource makes it easier to use UAccess Analytics to its full potential and make data informed decision making easier than ever.