New UAccess Analytics Features

Feb. 8, 2022

University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR) is pleased to announce that the system behind UAccess Analytics has been upgraded to Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) over the weekend of February 5th. This upgrade was first announced in the November UAIR Newsletter and the team is excited for UAccess Analytics users to take advantage of its enhanced capabilities. UAIR has heavily tested this, but we still suggest you check your custom dashboards and reach out to us if you have any issues

What does this upgrade mean for you?
The latest offering from our partners at Oracle includes:

  • New, robust data visualizations and the ability to integrate your own data sets via spreadsheets. Oracle Tutorial.

  • Run reports solely off self-provided data or combine with data from the Enterprise Data Warehouse, allowing for greater customization and flexibility. Oracle Tutorial.

  • Single Sign-On support makes it easier to than ever to login to UAccess Analytics.

  • More going on behind the scenes with AI and Machine Learning, but rest assured these improvements will continue to empower your work.

Although functionality is mostly the same, we wanted to notify you that tables will be divided into sections displaying up to 15,000 rows at a time. Oracle changed this limit to maximize performance; you can click on the arrows to scroll through the entire dataset or export it all to Excel.

We are eager to see you make the most of these new features. Want to know more? Stay tuned to our newsletter for the latest updates as well as keeping your eyes peeled for a Lunch & Learn on February 22nd!