Data Support for the University's COVID-19 Questions

April 13, 2020


UAIR remains absolutely committed to supporting the university's data needs, and new and urgent requests have been coming in due to the questions surrounding tuition, enrollment, and retention in this pandemic environment.

UAIR has received multiple requests around:

  • Student and Workforce Demographics
  • Student Outcomes
  • Research and Teaching


  • UAIR is working closely with campus leadership to support the university’s COVID-19 taskforces in the most timely manner possible.


  • Below are some stats for data requests related to COVID-19.
  • These requests vary in complexity. Some take hours, others take a week or more.
  • UAIR has made completing these requests its current top priority.
COVID-19 requests completed within 24 hours: 53% Average Completion Time for COVID-19 related requests: 2.5 days