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About UAiR

UAiR is The University of Arizona Institutional Repository (UAiR) and is maintained and hosted by the University Libraries.


The mission of UAiR is to collect, preserve and share the intellectual output of the faculty, staff and students of The University of Arizona.

The following is an abbreviated list of the functions and purposes of the institutional repository at the University of Arizona.

  • Enable digital asset management
  • Offer preservation services
  • Provide digital visibility through access to collective intellectual work
  • Support learning, teaching, and research
  • Facilitate discovery of content
  • Enable re-use and re-purposing of content
  • Organize information to allow effective content management and access
  • Provide access to outcomes of publicly funded research initiatives
  • Strengthen partnership between content creators/providers and content managers
  • Increase visibility and impact of the universities' output

UAL IR group organized August 21, 2007

Online as of December 28, 2007

Getting Started

If you or your organization is interested in the University Libraries hosting your digital objects, please contact