UAccess Data Flow

The data that you enter into any of the transaction systems - UAccess Employee, UAccess Student, etc. - is not added directly to the database and is not typically immediately available in Analytics.

The data goes through quite a process before you see the results in Analytics. The data must have various business and educational rules applied, which link various pieces of data together so that it all makes sense. Student addresses are linked to the student, employee phone numbers are linked to the particular employee, etc.

An ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) process then extracts the data from the application database, transforms it so that it will work in Analytics, and loads the data into the data warehouse.

The data is stored in the EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) data warehouse for use by those with the requisite access. Some people use direct reporting tools to access the data here. Most people on campus, however, use UAccess Analytics for their reporting needs.