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Ships (Masts)

Four groups of documents concerning new presidios and missions in Nueva California.

Hijosa, Francisco
Costanjo, Miguel
Mora, Vicente de (Padre Presidente)
and others
Loreto, San Diego, San Blas, Mexico. September 17, 1773 to December 27, 1774. 46p. Instancia. notas. Sketch. Providencia. Letters. Originals. Signed. Orders investigation of origin of piece of wood found on beach near carmelo mission (sketched in f. 58). Costanjo summarizes possibilities of Spanish and foreign ships in area. Discussion of what is known of asian techniques for ship construction. Final opinion is that mast is from paquebot san Josef. Ff. 63-67 concern occupation and foundation of San Francisco presidio. Troops to be chosen and come with moncada from Sonora. Details provided on supplies, routes, etc. For expedition through Sonora. Ff. 68-73 details provision of mules, cattle and other necessities for Monterrey and San Diego missions. Useful information on quantities, ultimate destinations, notice of receipts, specific ships' cargos and animal casualties in route. Ff. 74-78 is instancia by pp. Fr. Mora of need to inspect and register boxes of supplies destined to nueva California from vieja. Suspicions of thefts from his missions. explains delay in supplies reaching San Diego and Monterrey for lack of mules. (J. M. Johnson, June 1989)