Employee Data

Unless otherwise stated, the University of Arizona reports its employee demographics and salaries using a yearly fall or October 1 census file. A census file is a snapshot at a point in time that does not get updated throughout the year with changing demographics. Census files ensure reliability (historical reports can be replicated) and comparability (especially with other institutions' counts), and produce meaningful trends over time.

Interactive Reports:

University-wide Demographics:Employee data workbook

The employee data workbook contains demographic information and trends for the University.  Data are available starting in Fall 2000.
(Click on the image to the right to view the workbook)



Faculty Salary Benchmarks:Faculty Salary Benchmarks workbook

The Faculty Salary Benchmarks workbook contains discipline-level comparisons of faculty salary data for UA and Association of American Universities (AAU) public institutions. The data source is the AAU Data Exchange.
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Static Reports:

University-wide Demographics:

Faculty Counts