Conferences, Symposia, and More

We will be bringing you short seminars, dialogues, local presentations, conference presentations, and a UAccess User Symposium to keep you up-to-date on everything Analytics and/or UAccess. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements here and on the UAccess Community.

Out in the Æther

  • 2017 Higher Education Data Warehousing Conference - April, 2017
    The University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR) department at the University of Arizona has been selected to host the 2017 HEDW Conference! This is the quintessence of success! More details to follow.

Recent, Current, and Upcoming Events

  • 2015 UAccess Symposium - April 28, 2015
    Please join us for the third annual UAccess Symposium, which will be held in the Student Union Memorial Center, North Ballroom.
    This full-day event will feature speakers from across campus, detailing how they have used one or more of the UAccess systems to perform a task, gather information, disseminate information, or generally make their working lives easier. For more information, please see the UAccess Symposium page on the UAccess Community.
    You might also consider giving a presentation at the UAccess Symposium.
  • UAccess Speaker Series - The UAccess Community is pleased to announce a new series of speaker events, brought to you by the Workshops and Training Team. Please see the UAccess Speaker Series page on the UAccess Community for up-to-date information.

Past Events

  • 2014 UAccess Symposium - April 1, 2014
     Our second UAccess Symposium was more successful than the first. We had over 300 attendees, participating in 12 different presentations given by other UAccess systems users from across campus. Access video presentations via the link. Enjoy!
  • 2013 UAccess Symposium - April 24, 2013
    We conducted this inaugural Symposium for all UAccess system users on April 24, 2013. We had over 140 attendees, participating in 6 different presentations given by other UAccess systems users from across campus. This was followed by a lively and informative Discussion Panel. Access video presentations from this symposium via the link. Enjoy!
  • EDUCAUSE Annual Conference - November 6-9, 2012
    Hank Childers presented Business Intelligence at the University of Arizona - a Case Study
    at EDUCAUSE on Friday, Nov 9, 2012. Use the link above to play the presentation in a new window.
  • EDUCAUSE 3-Day Analytics Sprint
    Back in July 2012, EDUCAUSE conducted a three-day online 'sprint.' Presenters and participants exchanged ideas and information via webinars, online conversations, Twitter, and blog posts. Use the link above to watch the presentations again, download summaries for each day, access the slide presentations, or listen to the audio version of the presentations. Download this handy document for quick access to all pertinent links from the various Analytics Sprint pages.
  • Delivering Data Faster - A short video from IBM and the University of Arizona, with UAIR's Manav Mehra providing some insight into the ETL world.