November 20, 2014

Welcome to the UAIR Blog!

We have a new department, and we are trying a few new things. One of those things is creation of a UAIR blog.

This blog will be a forum for occasional news out of the UAIR department that will be of interest to members of the broader University of Arizona community.

The people contributing to the blog will most likely be Hank Childers, Executive Director, Angela Baldasare, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research, or Simran Nirh, Director of University Analytics. Occasionally, you'll probably also see something from me, or perhaps one of the other leads on either the University Analytics or Institutional Research sides of the UAIR house.

Links to this blog will be included in my weekly Analytics Recap posting on the UAccess Community, when appropriate.

Stay tuned!

Steve Singkofer
Analytics Outreach Coordinator