November 20, 2014

New UAIR Policy for Dynamic Agents

Over the past couple of years, and especially over the past six months, the use of agents in UAccess Analytics has been increasing dramatically. That's a very good thing, as information is being disseminated to more and more people, and individual workloads are, perhaps, decreasing or changing as the system takes over some processes.

There have been one or two instances, however, in which Analytics users have inadvertently spammed much of  the Analytics community with unintended emails. Those emails, of course, were sent out by what I have heard referred to as "rogue agents." A very romantic name for a mundane mistake in programming.

As a result of those innocent errors, and in an attempt to preclude further errors and spamming, UAIR has developed a policy to help Analytics users avoid the errors. You can find a copy of the new policy here - - and you can always find help by contacting me via email, phone, or during Analytics Office Hours.

Right now, there are very few people impacted by this new policy, but as agents become more popular, we want to make sure that they're being created and used properly.


Steve Singkofer
Analytics Outreach Coordinator